February Demo

by Teens And Trucks

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released February 1, 2011

lawrence brooks - drums
jesse buff - guitar
nick cartron - keyboard
pierce jordan - vocals
liam fletcher - vocals



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Teens And Trucks Huntingtown, Maryland

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Track Name: Nirvana (Pt. I)
My ego drives all that I do. I never really feel for you. Hate and greed destroy my thoughts, 'til any trace of good is lost. I'll never break this cycle's spell. I can't escape delusions hell. I'm everything that I abhor. Nothing that I do is pure.

Devoid of empathy, how could I continue to be? I wish, just once, I could forget myself. I am nothing but fucking ego. Where is the heart I lost long ago? How could I push thoughts of you below? I will never reach nirvana. I'll never be at peace, and honestly, who is there to blame besides me?

I am so cold, heartless, lifeless. I'm so fucked up, selfish, stuck up. I wish just once I could forget myself...open my eyes and see past these delusions. Escape from this cycle of endless suffering. But I could never crawl out of this hole that I've dug. I'll never see. I'll never fucking see. I'm so fucking stupid. I only think of me. I'll never reach nirvana. I'll never fucking see.
Track Name: Nirvana (Pt. II)
I can't improve if I don't know where to start. You can define me as "bastard." How can I disagree? I'm digging deeper, but I feel like I'll never see. There has to be something in my writing this shit that will quell my shame. At this point in time, is what I face what I've become? I'm trapped within this cycle. Lowest of the low.

I'll make it clear: you should never expect my help because everything I want is solely for myself. Nothing could redeem me and this is how I'll always be. I'll never reach nirvana. I'll never fucking see. I can't forgive myself for the way I feel when pride and greed are the only feelings that are real. I'll never end this struggle. I'll never accept me. I'll never reach nirvana. I'll never fucking see.
Track Name: Hell
Why can't I open my eyes? Who I am has become clear to me and I can't just reason away all the guilt I clearly should be feeling. Every word I've spoken has lacked sincerity. And now their weight is crushing me...oh my God, I cannot breathe.

I swear that I know how I'm supposed to be. I swear that I know there's more than just me. I've talked all the talk for all of my life, run my fucking mouth, pretending I'm right. But I just don't feel the way that I should I just don't care, and I never could. I'll never change. I'm too fucking blind. I could never see or ever be kind. Why can't I open my eyes? Hell is knowing that you're wrong and I am never right. Why am I such a fucking ass? it's never justified. Every act of kindness is stained by my fucking pride. Nothing that I do is pure. I'm a fucking lie. Every act of meanness, well that's who I fucking am. Any claim of feeling for you is a fucking sham.